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There are several benefits of using Bathmate that you can get, here is a list of benefits:  Extend your penis: This is one of the main benefits of using a hydropump. Regarding how much you can grow, users generally achieve significant growth, but because everyone is different, the results will be specific to you. Men with smaller penises tend to achieve better results. Whatever your growth, you will not regret it.  Thickness growth - All our hydro pump users achieve bigger glands and harder and longer erections. We are talking about an increase in thickness of 30% and volume of 40% *. Thousands of women believe that thickness is the most important factor in satisfying them. This is more than obvious - the thicker the penis, the more pleasure they feel.  It really works - Bathmate is the only hydro pump for penis enlargement in the world, 250% more efficient than an air pump *. Thousands of customer testimonials prove that Bathmate products are a worthwhile investment. Many people doubted the results they would get with Bathmate, but we never had any complaints from our buyers ...  Harder and more intense erections - The vacuum created by the hydro-pump increases blood flow to the penis, expanding it to its maximum potential. This produces immediate results that don't go away even if you don't use them. Erection feels stronger one to two days after use, inclusive.  Avoid premature ejaculation - Forget about premature ejaculation, keep on satisfying him for as long as you want.  Against erectile dysfunction - Excellent results in erectile dysfunction patients. Forget about embarrassing situations.  Boost sexual performance - The Bathmate makes you have more energy, intensity and duration - you decide the climax moment.  Increase orgasm - Get more intense orgasms by increasing the strength of your penis.  Straightening curves - Bathmate provides the stretch needed to develop shape and correct any curvature.  Boosts self-esteem - For any man, increasing penis size is not just an aesthetic issue, which can affect showering after the gym, but also something that is very important is feeling safe in front of a woman or in front of you. couple. Being able to satisfy a woman like no other man is priceless!  Healthier penis - Our Hydro pump, Bathmate, Hydromax and Xtreme improve blood circulation in the penis by expanding the blood vessels and spaces in the penis, promoting better blood circulation in the penis. After a week of use you will notice that the size without an erection increases due to better blood circulation.  Safety - There are thousands of pills, devices, exercises, treatments, surgeries, etc. to enlarge the penis, but very unsafe. What do you get if your penis doesn't work? Damaging the nerves of the penis can cause impotence or remove all sensitivity from the penis. Who wants that? The Bathmate uses water, creating the most uniform, safest and most efficient vacuum, without damaging these subtle nerves. If you use it right, without going overboard with pumping, you don't have to worry about anything.  Without investing a lot of money or a lot of time - using Bathmate for only 15-20 minutes a day for 6 weeks *, you will create a thicker, longer and healthier penis and benefit from benefits you can enjoy forever!  Fun - Using our water pump is an entertaining task. You will get used to it sooner than you think!


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