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Brilliance SF determines the color of the clay. White clay White clay is rich in components such as zinc and magnesium. In cosmetology, this type ofclay is used most often as a Get White Face skin whitening and clean, removing excess fat, respectively, is most suitable for oily skin. In addition, white clay has excellent antiseptic properties. Blue Clay Blue clay is rich in components such as nitrogen, phosphate and iron. This type of clay has detergent and disinfectant properties, eliminates inflammation. Pink Clay Pink Clay contains mineral salts, silicon and iron oxide. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Get White Face The properties of clay are the softness and softness of the skin.Argilla giallo Yellow clay is used for weak skin that fades and helps eliminate toxins from the skin and helps to get the amount ofnecessary oxygen. Red clay Red clay is ideal for sensitive skin. Eliminates rashes and irritation, it has regeneration and detergents. Green Clay Green clay is rich in components such as magnesium, calcium, .



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