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One of challenges that many people with ADHD deal with is spending more time than they would like using electronic media including television the internet video games and yes even text messaging. For some it can even be considered an addiction. When people are addicted they are not able to limit their use in spite of the deleterious consequences. In most cases however it is possible to employ various strategies to limit use to an acceptable level. What is considered acceptable will vary from person to person as it is dependent on how each person wants to spend their time. My comments are intended for the latter group of people.

First while I watch very little TV I do admit to using my laptop quite a bit am thrilled when I get to play Wii and text a few times a day. So I do not believe that electronics are evil and need to be banished from our lives. I do suggest however limiting their use when the amount of time spent engaging in these activities takes us away from accomplishing our goals and engaging in activities that are important to us.


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