Can Day To Day Stress Affect Blood Pressure? Discover The Truth

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Other influencing factors include infection, trauma, elevated blood pressure  StrictionBP Review  , alcohol abuse, non-allergic and allergic rhinitis, and some hereditary bleeding disease. Smoking cigarettes may dry and break the lining of the nose, resulting to nose bleeding. Small blood vessels in the nose have elevated blood pressure also, therefore when a person has elevated blood pressure the vessels rapture and cause the nosebleed. Any severe bleeding of the nose that continues in more than fifteen minutes urgently needs the medical attention of a doctor. You have to bring the patient to the hospital or any private clinic. The doctor may do the cauterization; this medical procedure involves the use of silver nitrate or heating or electrical gadget to burn up the artery in order that the bleeding will stop. The physician may also apply the adrenaline mist or packing of the nose or stitching if required. Nasal packing involves placing a special gauze or latex balloon which is inflatable inside the nose in order that adequate pressure can be placed in the artery to stop the nosebleed.

When bleeding stops, the focus will now go to the blood pressure, the patient must have the hypertensive medication. If the blood pressure is extremely high during the bleeding, the doctor will control the blood pressure by giving sublingual medication, or intravenous fluids to bring down the blood pressure into normal level.


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