How To Build Abs Fast In The Right Way - 3 Essential Steps To Help You Get Started

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I imagine I have your attention now! This story is not meant to scare you - it's meant to show that you need to take the proper precautions because if this can happen to a star college running back at one of the nation's most touted programs, it can happen to anyone.Even if you are lifting relatively light weight, it is important to get in the habit of having a spotter present with you bench press. The spotter should place both hands firmly on the bar when you life the weight off, and not release until it is 100% clear that you have control of the bench press bar. Even if you are lifting light weight for your strength level, it is easy to have a hand slip or even a shoulder/elbow give out. The bench press is a very physically daunting exercise, and a lot of things can get injured during the movement. The bench press puts a lot of stress on upper body joints so having a spotter around at all times is absolutely necessary!



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