Top 3 Shopping Destinations In Singapore\r\n

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Orchard Road

Orchard road has picked up its name from nutmeg and paper plantations that once lined up in the 1800s. Both sides of the road here are flanked by plenty of local and international department stores, spas, hotels, beauty salons, restaurants and cafés. 


One could spend the entire day trawling the entire stretch of Orchard Road. The shopping malls on this road have everything from under the sun apparel, daily consumer electronics to housewares from popular brands. On Saturday nights the outlets here are open till 11PM. The gathering of front line shopping centres, boutiques and copious eateries makes Orchard Road a standout amongst Singapore's most popular neighbourhoods. Not only is Orchard Road the island's most-visited shopping destinations it additionally also offers various relaxation and top notch food choices, magnificence salons, bistros. So you'll need ample time to explore this long and alluring road.

Travel within Singapore quite comfortably with the help of express buses that will drop you off at the major points in the city. Book these express bus tickets online from redbus for added convenience. 


China Town 

One of the best ways to get a hang of China town is to go on a walking spree and tour the shops and stalls on the streets of Pagoda, Terengganu, Sago Lane, Smith and Temple Streets. 


You will be able to experience all the sights and sounds you expect from China town. With plenty of stalls selling everything from silk robes to lucky cats the options here are endless. Remember to carry a smile on your face if you want a good deal on products. The market is generally open all day but it is only at night that it looks magnificent, with the enormous number of lights shining and the color tempting you to stop over and have a look. Make sure to visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is a surprising four-story sanctuary. When entering the door, you'll promptly see the staggering principle lobby with its high roof. The chime tower and drum tower are on the same floor. Notwithstanding, the principal centre for most guests is the big gold two-meter stupa on the fourth floor which is where the holy relic is kept. Proceeding up to the rooftop, there is a pagoda that has an expansive wheel. The sanctuary is worked in style on the basis of the Buddhist mandala and coordinated with Buddhism.


Paragon Center

The award winning Paragon mall is a top notch luxury mall featuring some of the best brands of the world. Spanning across six floors the mall includes stores of fashion, eateries and sports boutiques. It also consists of Jimmy Choo, Canale Patisserie Chocolatier, Muji and Nike. 


Parents will not be disappointed either thanks to kids clothing brands such as Armani Kids, Petit Bateau and Guess Kids. Classic & chic, Paragon caters to a varied market of stylish fashion seekers. Paragon also caters to all kinds of global cuisines, thanks to the plenty of eating choices from fine dining to café culture and food court fare. 



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