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Chelsea Handler kicks off anniversary week on Morgan Tonight except the runescape gold roles are reversed: she interviews Piers Morgan tonight for the hour. are some questions that you ask where you do push and push the person, said Handler, before playing a reel of some 2011 asked Piers why he always interrupts people. Also: Larry King. FULL POST 


Footpets Footpets is about keeping cute pets in the form of kittens and puppies. In this game you will get the opportunity to look after life like pets. The 3D graphics of the game is very accurate. The game is a real time one. So, you need to check your pet every day. You can share your responsibility with other players, too. The game is so life like that your pet can live real 10 to 20 years. It will grow according to its real age. So, Footpets is a very life like game. It is also available in Facebook and MySpace. There is an iPhone app to enjoy the game. is a game best suited for people who loves dogs. Here you will have to nurture a virtual pet dog. Groom your dog and take care of him. Take the dog to the shows to compete with other players pets. It is a nice game to play.

I sometimes search through international TV during time off of work and Thursday night I stumbled on SkySports2 broadcast of the Ashes cricket match, England vs Australia. And there was Piers Morgan challenging some Aussie bowler while he stood in what looked like a baseball batting cage with netting as a batsman protecting a wicket at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Piers was extremely brave as faced what looked like a pro bowler (similar to a pitcher in baseball who runs a long distance and then bowls overhand by bouncing the cricket ball in front of the batsman who is trying to protect the wicket from getting struck by the ball and knocking off the top pieces). Piers was very brave but showed no skill and was extremely over matched in this contest. Stick to your show on CNN, Piers. It suits you much better.

I don't have any experience with Philly rental companies, but the first google hit is looks promising Audio Visual Rental, Philadelphia. Their 15" speaker packages seem like a decent price. Pass it on to your DJ friend and have him deal with it, that way he can be certain to get the correct cables for his mixer.

This is preposterous. I completely agree with rowdygirl. Michael Jackson was an icon, a terrific musician and performer and someone who was part of many lives for many years. But Michael Jackson the person was not our family or our friend. His children can grieve, his brothers and sisters and parents can grieve but we are fans and while we may miss his music we don miss a person we don know. If you have trouble with every day life tasks because MJ is dead, it time to reevaluate your life and priorities. Really.

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