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This is always a tough one. Honestly, I don't think I got any of the major awards correct. However, the All-NBA teams I am feeling pretty good about with the exception of Curry. If I had to pick them all again, half-way through it would likely look more like this.  Honestly, I think that Giannis, assuming he stays healthy, is guaranteed to win back to back MVP's and could be the second player to ever be a unanimous MVP. The same can be said about Rudy Gobert and Ja Morant, DPOY and ROY are theirs to lose.  Watch TV LIVE LINK:https://bit.ly/2Rlt3i3  Watch TV LIVE LINK:https://bit.ly/2Rlt3i3  Watch TV LIVE LINK:https://bit.ly/2Rlt3i3  Watch TV LIVE LINK:https://bit.ly/2Rlt3i3  In terms of MIP, 6th man and COY these are all still up for grabs. As of now, Ingram, Rose, and Nurse are the front runners, however, someone could still easily go and get those awards  Pre-season standings prediction:  I honestly did pretty well in the Eastern Conference. As of now is basically seems like Milwaukee has a stranglehold on the 1-seed, the Celtics, Sixers, Raptors, Heat, and Pacers are all fighting for seeds 2–6 and the rest of the Eastern Conference is a mess. The biggest mistake I made was definitely thinking the Pistons would make the playoffs… that's just not happening.    https://medium.com/@streamf66ty/nba-free-re-visiting-pre-season-award-predictions-26dfccfd76d3  https://medium.com/@streamf66ty/nba-free-re-visiting-pre-season-award-predictions-26dfccfd76d3  https://medium.com/@streamf66ty/nba-free-re-visiting-pre-season-award-predictions-26dfccfd76d3  https://medium.com/@streamf66ty/nba-free-re-visiting-pre-season-award-predictions-26dfccfd76d3


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