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Oyo Rooms was only formed in 2013 but is already worth an estimated $5 billion AFP/Chandan rs 07 gold KHANNA Oyo Rooms, which specialises in no frills accommodation, was only formed in 2013 but is already worth an estimated US$5 billion after receiving funding from international venture capitalists. The app based company has quickly become India's largest hotel firm by number of rooms and one of the biggest in China as it pursues an aggressive expansion abroad. Oyo, as it is commonly called, entered the British market in September and is eyeing other European countries, fuelled by money from Japanese group SoftBank and America's Sequoia Capital. "We are seeing great results in all our global markets and are growing aggressively in London," Oyo's founder, 25 year old Ritesh Agarwal, said. "We will definitely consider expanding into the broader European region," he added in the telephone interview. Oyo teams up with owners of budget hotels to help connect them with tourists looking for cheap but [Read more.] about India no frills hotel giant eyes European markets


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Lastly, one place to look for deals on speculative trades are items after a failed buy out. In general, they will fall to well below their previous equilibrium, and be a bargain. See the picture above for what happened to earth talisman. The red circle is the peak at the top of a buy out. They fell, seem to have been bought out again then hit bottom (blue circle). I bought 8k of them at the bottom and sold a week later for a nice profit. Just be sure to avoid fake bottoms (the green circle). If the item hasn dipped below the lowest price in the past 180 days, then there is a good chance it will dip lower.

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