How Cannabis Clubs Unction In Barcelona


What is the difference between a «coffeeshop» and a «cannabis social club»?

In Barcelona, instead of coffeeshops like you see in Amsterdam or a dispensary like in the USA, we have cannabis social clubs. Many people still call them coffeeshops because they’re more familiar with the term, but it isn’t the most correct one. The main difference between these clubs and other places is the fact that you must be a member in order to have access to the premises and their products. Since it is a private association, you cannot just walk in like you do in a normal coffeeshop.

What do I need to do to become a member of a cannabis social club in Barcelona?

To acquire a membership, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years old or older.
  • Have a valid ID (citizen card, passport, etc).
  • Pay the annual membership fee (generally €20).
  • Have an invitation from a current club member

Everything else is common sense and being polite. Everyone appreciates respect and a good environment in a place which is supposed to feel like home to the members of the association.

What is it an annual fee? Can I be a member for less than a year for a cheaper price??

The annual fee is a standard practice in legitimate cannabis social clubs in Barcelona. Also, it is important to know that acquiring a membership at a discounted price in exchange for a shorter membership is strictly forbidden everywhere. Clubs can get in trouble for breaking this rule, so expect this fee upon arrival. We understand that you might not be able to take advantage of the full year, but see it as an opportunity to visit Barcelona again in the near future!

I thought it was illegal to sell cannabis/marijuana in Spain. How do these clubs work?

The While it is true that selling marijuana is against the law, that isn’t what happens in these clubs. They are non-profit associations that are sustained by their member’s donations and contributions, which are invested in the plantation and maintenance of plants, which is allowed. The fruits of this labour are distributed among the contributing members. The rest of the donations is used to pay for the club expenses like building rent, electricity, water and other similar expenses.

Also, a very important thing to keep in mind: to ensure that everything goes smoothly, you shouldn’t use words such as “buy” or “purchase” when discussing cannabis social clubs, because what happens there isn’t a transaction of that kind. Instead, use terms such as “acquire”, or “donate”.

Also, a key aspect for a successful and enjoyable club is having a friendly staff that is knowledgeable about everything they have to offer. A good association will be able to advise you as best as possible, taking into account things such as your tastes, habits and desires.

Last but not least (this should go without saying) they will obviously have an array of high quality, exotic products that are sure to blow your mind away!


When I become a member, can I invite my friends to the club?

Two things to mention here: once you are a member, you can indeed invite your friends and trusted ones to the club (they still need to pay their annual fee). The other detail is that if you and a group of friends all want to become members at the same time, one invitation can be valid for all, as long as you come together and meet all of the requirements.


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