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The last actions are played out in audio, with the moment itself frozen in time like a monochrome diorama. So you might have the moment when one officer shoots another dead, them pitched backwards in a spurt of black blood. You can then explore the area, noting who is present and trying to deduce the names and fates of each. You do so in a administerialway, given a crew manifest to pick names from and a selection of verbs to choose. So you might find a particular passenger "crushed", "shot" or, even more sinisterly, "torn apart".

When you first setting up the Live software, you will be enquired to think about a "Gamertag" for yourself. When you logged into Xbox Live this will be the identify everybody can notice as well as reference you by. There are two levels within Live that you can subscribe to: Silver and gold. The absolutely free package deal lets you make a user profile, gain access to Arcade and Marketplace, as well as make a buddies list. Content that is exclusive on Marketplace, is able to only be used by individuals that paid for Xbox Live Gold. You may also play vs other folks with Gold, that may be the main reason why individuals desire it. By using Xbox Live Gold with your own gamertag, it is possible to publish your high scores, buy content material, see who is on line with the friends list and more wonderful features.

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